DV Digvijay Singh Jagat

Gair Dance – SnapShot


Gair dance performed by men and women of the Bhil community of Mewar region on the auspicious occasion of Holi and Janmashtami is a phenomenal exhibition of a part of the vast cultural diversity of India. Finely synchronised swirling movements on the beats played using traditional instruments like Dholak, nagada and flute never fail to mesmerize the viewers. Men are dressed into a long pleated tunic that flows down as full-length skirts. Colourful outfits along with swords, arrows and sticks as props characterize the captivating event. Men form a circle encompassing women who form the inner circle and subsequently interchange their positions while striking sticks altogether to create a vivid rhythm. All when the entire atmosphere echoes with the melodious music and the air breathe the excitement and enthusiasm of the festival, you can not stop from letting yourself free to hit the floor and dance to the beats.

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